Hand Crafted Italian Style
wood fired pizza oven

Home made pizza ovens for baking lovers

Our wood fired pizza oven is a handmade product built in the respect of the historical details followed by all the italian builders since two centuries. We follow the Tuscan way of building oves, with inner chamber shaped in a perfect circular dome that gives an optimized heat rotation. We floor our oven with special high temperature resistant tiles to give you the best bake.

The whole structure is insulated with specific materials to save heat dispersion and maintain light weight.

Wood firing is a must to keep the traditional idea of baking, a warranty for good taste with his unique smokey flavour.

GAS OPTION We had to face an increasing demand for a pizza oven powered by different sources than wood, more suitable for restaurants that have difficulties of wood storage or chimney channeling.

Those valid issues have been solved with a dedicated gas system that can be installed in our ovens and works perfectly for pizza baking, giving a proper bake without compromising time and costs. This system can be run along with some wood firing, just to keep the smokey flavor.

Our gas fired pizza oven requires very few maintenance and it’s working on a cost effective gas consumption.

Our Services

We can provide a FULL PIZZA OVEN SOLUTION, starting from proper kitchen planning to the realization of your pizza
oven, adding a pizza making training and outsourcing the best tools to give you the best result for your pizza place.
pizza-making-training-iconPIZZA MAKING TRAININGAntonio, a professional pizza maker from Italy will train you to do the best pizzas. switching-firewood-gas-iconSWTTCHING FROM WOOD TO GAS FIRE OVENWe do transform your oven from a wood fire to a gas fire oven!