The italian way



Our wood-fired pizza oven is a handmade product built in the respect of the historical details followed by all the Italian builders for two centuries. We follow the Tuscan way of building ovens, with an inner chamber shaped in a perfect circular dome that gives an optimized heat rotation. We floor our oven with special high-temperature resistant tiles to give you the best bake.

Brick ovens

A brick oven uses a traditional method to cook pizza. A fire is light inside the oven using wood or gas, and heat builds up inside the cooking cavity.

Metal pizza oven

Metal ovens

We design and manufacture this smaller metal oven in order to satisfy the increasing request for private usage or outdoor catering.



It isn’t surprising that Pizzas are one of the all-time favourite food. We can train you to make the best Italian-style pizzas!

From wood to gas oven


We had to face an increasing demand for a pizza oven powered by different sources than wood, more suitable for restaurants that have difficulties with wood storage or chimney channelling.

Those valid issues have been solved with a dedicated gas system that can be installed in our ovens and works perfectly for pizza baking, giving a proper bake without compromising time and costs. This system can be run along with some wood firing, just to keep the smokey flavour.

Our gas-fired pizza oven requires very little maintenance and it’s working on cost-effective gas consumption.

Commercial or residential ovens


Whether you are looking for a pizza oven for your restaurant or you want to add one to your backyard, we have what you need.

Residential ovens

Add a pizza oven to your kitchen or backyard!

Commertial ovens

Pizza ovens for restaurants – movable or fixed.

Portable ovens

Smaller ovens for private kitchens or catering.

Antonio Scirocco


I am an Italian chef, specialized in pizza, who moved to India years ago with my family to join the Auroville International Township in Tamil Nadu.

My background comes from my father, Lorenzo, an appreciated chef and baker, who introduced me to kitchen art since childhood in our family restaurant.

It’s been more than 20 years that I’m working as a pizza baker. When I settled in India I started my own pizza oven construction company and I’m training teams in hotels and restaurants on the genuine art of pizza making.

They trust us


Some of the restaurants that use our ovens: