What we do

We are pizza specialists: from the manufacturing of the oven to the training of your staff!


Brick and metal pizza ovens for professionals and individuals.

Pizza training

Traning your team on how to make the best Italian pizzas.

Wood to gas

Convert your wood-fired oven into a gas oven.

Antonio Scirocco


Antonio is an Italian chef, specialised in everything pizza! He moved with his family to India years ago to join the Auroville International Township in Tamil Nadu.

Antonio was introduced as a child to the art of pizza and food by my father, Lorenzo, who was and appreciated chef and baker. He is a pizza baker since over 20 years. When he settled in India, he started his own pizza oven construction company and is training teams in hotels and restaurants on the genuine art of pizza making.



Brick oven round

brick ovens

The brick oven is built on a brick or metal basement completely insulated for heat retention. The base of the oven can be square or round, and each oven can be wood-fired, gas-fired, as well as a combination of both fuelling. Additionally, the gas system can be either manual or with automatic cut-off.

The whole structure can also be cladded to have only the oven mouth visible.


Features of brick ovens:

  • Oven flooring: high-temperature tiles

  • Crown and inner dome: refractory bricks 75mm thick or

  • External dome: 3” insulation materials

  • External cover: glazed mosaic tiles or broken ceramic mosaic

  • Support: standing on brick walls semi-movable on a metal carrier with wheels.

METAL ovens

We design and manufacture smaller ovens in order to satisfy the increasing request for private usage or outdoor catering.

Our metal ovens are made of a lighter metal structure that allows them to be moved easily.

Nevertheless, they can work with firewood or be equipped with a gas system.


Features of metal portable ovens:

  • Oven flooring: high-temperature tiles.

  • Crown and inner dome: 2mm SS plate.

  • Insulation: 2” insulation materials.

  • External dome: 2mm MS plate.

  • External cover: Metal paint or glazed mosaic tiles.

  • Support: only dome for a top counter solution or semi-movable on a metal carrier with wheels.

Metal pizza oven white - portable

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