How we Work


Get in touch

Send us a quick e-mail or call us directly. Dont forget to let us know if you want a specific oven or if you would like us to advice you.


Defining your needs

Together we will define which oven will fit your setting. We will look at the usage you are planning it for and the space you have to help you chose between our different ovens. We will also talk about the type of finishing you would like.


The estimate

Once all the different features and options are agreed upon we will send you the estimate for you to approve.


The oven

The production of your oven will start in our factory, and then will be delivered to you. Brick ovens will be built on-site, while metal ovens can be sent fully or partly assembled.


Pizza training

We are also here to train your staff to make the best Italian style pizza and optimise the use of your oven.


What is the difference between the brick standing oven and the portable one?

The standing oven is the typical built-on-place oven, entirely realised in masonry and cemented to the floor. For this reason, it’s impossible to move. The portable oven (metal or brick) is built in our workshop and delivered completely or partly assembled, lays on a metal support stand, giving the possibility of being relocated.

Is there a difference in performance between the two ovens?

The only difference between the models is from an aesthetic point of view. The cooking chamber is absolutely the same for both ovens, built with the same techniques and materials with related identical performances in calorific energy and cooking process.

What is the material used for the finishing of the oven?

The external covering of the ovens can be done in ceramics, glazed mosaic tiles, bricks, marble or stone; different colours can be chosen. If you would like a custom oven finishing, please contact us to inquire about the feasibility.

What temperatures can the oven reach?

Our ovens can easily reach and keep constant temperatures in order to guarantee the right cooking of the Italian style pizza (450 °C – 950 °F); but they can withstand higher temperatures.

Is it possible to cook other types of food in the oven?

Our ovens are intended for Italian style pizzas and bread, that are cooked in direct contact with the stone cooking base.

What is the difference between the wood and the gas oven?

The difference lies only in the fuel used. In fact, a gas oven is built with the same techniques and materials as the wood one. The only difference is the addition of a burner for the gas alimentation.